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Safari Bullies was founded to bring high quality French Bulldogs and American Bullies into loving homes, these breeds makes for amazing pets!

We truly believe that these breeds if bred correctly make an amazing all around dog to have for any family!

American bullies come in various sizes to fit different lifestyles! 

French Bulldogs have an unmatched personality and look that has became massively popular across the world and the show ring!

We show our dogs and strive to produce show quality pups in each of our Frenchy and American Bully litters!

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Focused on Structure and functionality

Here at Safari Bullies we are focused on structure and functionality of the American bully and French Bulldog

We are starting out our breeding program from the bottom after investing in some beautiful representations of the American Bully and French Bulldog breeds

Our lead American Bully female dubbed Safari Bullies Sushi is maturing well! 

We have a contract on Atzlan our of Santos Bullies Camp for her and are more then exited for her to reach her peak time to produce!

Our up and coming French Bulldog Stud ICE COLD is performing at the top of his class when he is shown and already brought home best of breed at his first show he entered at 5.5 months old!

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The American Bully Kennel Club came to fruition in 2004 although the breed has been around since the 1990's

Further information can be found at

Please Reach out to us about future litters or if you want to know more!! 


What’s in Stock


ICE COLD aka ICE is the son of the famous Goldmine owned by Nvous Frenchies 

His structure is amazing and he has won in the show ring at just 5.5 months old! 

Thats what next level structure, confirmation disposition can do for your program! contact us today!

Not to mention his color as well as being a fluffy carrier ICE will be able to create rainbow litters that have amazing Structure as well! 

We are opening ICE up for an intro stud rate fee of 3K with 500$ lock in! 

Only 5 spots will be available

Pup backs on approved females

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Safari Bullies Sushi is maturing very well! She has packed on some solid muscle and her chest is starting to pop! She has entered into heat so her time is coming to produce an amazing litter of Bullies that will be sired by non other then Aztlan owned by Santos Bullies!

Sushi has won in the show ring and continues to improve greatly! 

See more of her on out Instagram @ Safari Bullies

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